SoRoTo® H-Bucket
SoRoTo® H-Bucket - 1
SoRoTo® H-Bucket - 2
SoRoTo® H-Bucket - 3
SoRoTo® H-Bucket
SoRoTo® H-Bucket - 1
SoRoTo® H-Bucket - 2
SoRoTo® H-Bucket - 3
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SoRoTo® H-Bucket

The SoRoTo H-Bucket is back by popular demand. Sturdy and secure thanks to their unique locking mechanism; our buckets are designed to make masons’ jobs easier.

Build the perfect height with our locking system

Because our buckets can be easily coupled and locked (bottom to bottom) on top of each other, you can adapt them to the perfect height. The buckets lock together for stability and strength, so you can be sure they will not topple over or break. When starting a brick alignment, only one H-Bucket is used – but when alignment is done, lock two H-Buckets together and you have the perfect next height.

The height of the H-Bucket is 29 cm when single and 56 cm when coupled.

The ability to couple the buckets to the right height also means you can work without risking back strain - because your health is our priority.

Strong and reusable material

The H-Buckets strong material secures that the bucket can be reused for many years. By being able to reuse the H-Buckets, you can reduce the number of traditional buckets used and by that lower the number of few-times buckets consumed.

The strong material and locking mechanism ensures stability when loading from a wheelbarrow. The H-Bucket contains 55 liters.

Stackable and ergonomic

The H-Buckets are stackable! They require a minimum amount of space and fit perfectly in a panel van. The H-Buckets are ergonomic as they provides two good working heights, but the H-Buckets are also equipped with four ergonomic handles, which spares the hands.

The SoRoTo brick plate (Additional option)

The SoRoTo brick plate is designed for use with the H-Bucket. The brick plate is mounted between 2x2 locked H-Buckets and can lift the bricks to an ergonomic height. The brick plate has three adjustments for distance, ensuring that your preferred working distance between the H-Buckets are possible.

Make the switch, and you will see why H-Buckets are masons’ favourite.

Volume 55L
高度单一 29 cm
总高度 56 cm
Bottom raised 32 cm
Load Form-resistant / frost-resistant up to - 20°
The edge 4 ergonomic carrying handles
Material Frostproof
Weight 1 pc. = 2.44 kg
直径 62厘米
Transport Can be stacked
Packaging Pcs / 14 pcs / 28 pcs / 56 pcs
The SoRoTo H-Bucket
Ergonomic, stackable, height adjusting - read more about all the advantages with a SoRoTo H-Bucket.
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