BA 95 Mixing Paddle
BA 95 Mixing Paddle - 1
BA 95 Mixing Paddle
BA 95 Mixing Paddle - 1

BA 95 Mixing Paddle

The BA95 is part of our FLOW collection. It was developed to create a strong stream that pulls your materials downwards, making it an ideal mixing paddle for thin materials—just like the rest of the FLOW collection. In order to ensure optimised mixing of thin materials, the mixing blades are angled downwards, which makes it easier to control the material in the bucket. The mixing paddle has an estimated mixing capacity of 10-15 kg.

This ensures effective and even mixing of thin materials without sending them over the edge of the bucket. The efficient mixing is facilitated by the strong mixing paddle effect, which helps prevent the creation of lumps.

The angling of the three mixing blades and the size of the mixing paddle allows the BA95 to mix slightly larger volumes of slightly thicker materials than the smaller mixing paddles in the FLOW collection, but it is still best suited for thin materials, such as lacquer, glaze, resin, and self-levelling flooring. With its height of 500 mm, the mixing paddle is perfect for mounting in a drill using a drill chuck.

If you want more information about our BA95 mixing paddle or an overview of all our mixing paddles, check out our mixing paddle wheel.

  • Round axle, diameter 95 mm.
  • Height: 600 mm
  • Materials: Lacquer, glaze, resin, self-levelling flooring, adhesive mortar, fillers, tile adhesive.
  • Estimated mixing capacity: 10-15 kg.
  • Current: Downstream.
Mixing Paddles
Ø 100 mm
Heigth 600 mm
Weight 0, 93
For 13 mm Drill Chuck (D)/
M14 Thread (M14)