FLOW Mixing Paddles

The FLOW collection is a range of mixing paddles developed for small volumes of thin materials. The mixing paddles are characterised by their propellor-shaped design with the mixing blades angled downstream, which ensures that the mixing paddle draws the material from the top of the mixing head and directs it towards the bottom of the bucket. This type of mixing is particularly useful for thin materials as these tend to fly over the edge of the mixing bucket if you use the wrong kind of mixing paddles.

What should you mix with a mixing paddle from the FLOW collection?

The mixing paddles in the FLOW collection are best suited for small volumes of thin materials, such as paint, resin seals, adhesive mortar, fillers, and tile adhesives. The advantage of using this mixing paddle for your paint is that it allows a better activation of the paint before use, which improves the coverage. You can also use it to mix two colours.

The FLOW mixing paddles can be mounted in a drill or in our smallSoRoTo 850W mixer. The advantage of using a mixer for your mixture is that it turns the mixing process into a two-handed task, which creates a more ergonomic position.The SoRoTo 850W mixeris a good solution if you want to transition from a drill to a mixer.